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Boston Teens Grow Green {Edible Boston}

From Edible Boston, read how STEM Garden Institute and Boston College are working together to make a difference to some Boston teens.

Boston Teens Grow Green

February 27, 2013 · Words by Andrea Pyenson · Photographs by Adam Detour

By all appearances, 16-year-old Malik Randall is a born salesman. On a November Saturday at the Egleston Farmers Market in Jamaica Plain, he ushers shoppers into the small booth he and his fellow students have set up, engaging them in conversations that more often than not result in sales. “Do you want the roots or not?” he asks one customer, pulling individual bok choy plants, with their roots, from the food-grade plastic tubes in which they are growing hydroponically. At the same time Lori Phillips, 17, is explaining the soil-free growing system to a curious passer-by. Her audience, however, decides not to buy anything…

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