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STEM Garden officially launches a new website  Please share this cause with your family, friends and colleagues.


We believe that we all can make a difference in the world today by improving our communities and people’s lives. This is done by providing a new educational system that leads to a better understanding of the core competencies of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math while leading to positive health and nutrition for children and adults alike while also creating new opportunities for gaining knowlege and career advancements leading to improved lifestyles. With the issues facing our world today including poor health and nutrition with the rising number of people with obesity and diabetes in the United States, combined with the increase of food production and delivery costs, as well as our environmental impact and the lack of food and proper nutrition around the world, we believe the STEM Garden Institue can grow to become a viable solution for the many challenges that face us all today and into the future. We ask you to join us by giving or volunteering to this critical cause or contact us for more information.

* Stay tuned for our new Facebook page